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New for 2024 and headlined by ‘plant-based’ specialists BOSH!, the ‘Zero Carbon Kitchen’ will be bringing entertaining and educational live cooking demonstrations.

Come along and watch our leading experts, including Henry and Ian, cooking plant-based recipes with all-electric appliances, powered by an Electric Vehicle. 

Cookery demonstrations and tastings will take place on all 3 days of each show. Don't miss out!

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LIVE Cooking Demonstrations
Timings Friday 9th February Saturday 10th February Sunday 11th February
11:00 - 11:30


Indonesian Cauliflower & King Oyster Mushroom Tacos 


Lebanese-Style Lamb Flatbreads


Cheats Black Dal with Basmati Rice

12:00 - 12:30   

Everything Electric Team

Spanish Tapas

Sara Bennett - The Mindful Peanut

Vegan Carrot Fritters

Maddalena Easterbrook - Future Swirl

Tofu Scramble

13:00 - 13:30

Fully Charged Presenters - Robert & Dan

Quick Quesadilla

Fully Charged Presenters - Elliot & Simone

Chocolate Mousse

Elijah and Nina - Impossible Foods

Impossible Beef™️ Parcels

14:00 - 14:30

Valeria Boselli - The Vegan Chef

Vegan Canapes

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Coriander Veggie Pesto Skewers

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Chocolate Almond Cupcakes

15:00 - 15:30



Ian's simple shakshuka 


Butter tofu curry


Henry's 30min Lasagne

15:30 - 16:00

BOSH! Book Signing

BOSH! Book Signing

BOSH! Book Signing

16:00 - 16:30

Fully Charged Presenters - Jack & Imogen

Easy pad Thai

Fully Charged Presenters - Jack, Imogen and Robert

Crispy chilli tofu

Elijah and Nina- Impossible Foods

Impossible™️ Beef: Cheese Burger Spring Rolls & Tartare Inspired Starter


Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a nutritionist, chef, presenter and author.

After having trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu School in London and unlocking a passion for food, Zoe returned home to study nutrition. Zoe’s passion for food and nutrition has empowered her to help many people embrace the benefits of a nourishing diet and lifestyle.

Zoe spent 5 years co-hosting Channel Ten’s top rating TV show Good Chef Bad Chef and today makes regular appearances on Channel 7’s House of Wellness radio show as a co-host and also segment presenter on the TV show.

Zoe has worked with many brands and is currently the Woolworths Bunch Community Nutrition expert.

As a passionate writer, Zoe has released two cookbooks – Eat Taste Nourish (2009) and Falling in Love with Food (2016).

Zoe has been supporting clients in private practice for many years and has a special interest in all things hormones. Zoe is available for individual and corporate consults.

The Mindful Peanut - Sara Bennett

Hello, meet Sara! She's a plant-based nutritionist, recipe developer, vegan chef, and cookery instructor on a mission to introduce more people to the wonders of plant-based eating and make them fall in love with it. Sara's here to transform culinary dreams into reality, whether you're a home cook or a restaurant owner, by embarking on a flavorful journey together that turns ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts. She's a staunch advocate for making small, sustainable choices that gradually boost overall health for individuals and our planet.

Sara's plant-based journey began at the ripe age of 12, growing up as the lone plant-based food enthusiast in her family, and quite possibly within a 1000 km radius, in the Midwest USA. Her twenties were marked by chronic fatigue and pain, but embracing the low-FODMAP diet significantly improved her health. Fueled by the transformative power of food, Sara decided to return to culinary school, armed with the knowledge to guide others on the path to better health through their plates. And the best part? She'll show you how to relish a bounty of healthy, scrumptious, and fully nutritious meals while adhering to a plant-based, low-FODMAP, or gluten-free lifestyle.

In her late thirties, Sara received an endometriosis diagnosis, solidifying her belief in food as medicine. Little did she know that her culinary journey had already started healing her long before the official diagnosis.

Future Swirl - Maddi Easterbrook

Maddalena Easterbrook is the founder of Future Swirl and the creator of Australia’s first handcrafted oat milk soft serve. Her mission is to help make plant-based food the default choice for everyone. She enjoys creating delicious low-carbon alternatives to popular meals and is passionate about showing how easy plant-based living can be. Maddalena previously worked as a talkback radio producer before jumping into the world of food entrepreneurship. 

The Vegan Chef - Valeria Boselli

Val The Vegan Chef emerges as a vibrant and revolutionary force in the bustling Sydney hospitality scene, a testament to 18 years of dedicated culinary exploration and a bold stance against waste and animal cruelty. This venture is the brainchild of Valeria Boselli, whose journey in the world of fusion high-quality cuisine has been marked by innovation and a deep commitment to ethical practices.

Having captivated the hearts and tastebuds of food enthusiasts with "The Dandylion Bondi," her acclaimed vegan-vegetarian restaurant, Valeria expanded her horizons into the realm of catering, collaborating with top-tier Sydney companies. This phase of her career not only honed her culinary skills and organizational prowess but also ignited a personal quest to challenge the prevalent overuse of animal products and the ensuing waste in the industry.

Embracing a path of independence, Valeria embarked on a unique culinary adventure, not just in catering but also through hosting workshops and offering private chef services. Her mission is clear and compelling: to unveil the boundless, tantalizing possibilities of vegan cuisine to a wider audience. How does she achieve this? By inviting people to indulge in her delectable creations, participate in her intimate group workshops, explore her recipes online, and experience her guidance in crafting a private, plant-based dining adventure that is both unique and unforgettable.

Valtheveganchef is more than a brand; it's a movement, inviting everyone to discover the rich, flavorful world of vegan cuisine, guided by Valeria's expert hand and creative vision.

Chef Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh’s culinary journey began in the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains working at Leura stalwart Silk’s Brasserie and Restaurant Como which held 1 hat for 10 consecutive years. From there she joined the Bentley Group, one of Sydney’s most influential hospitality groups, under Brent Savage’s guidance, honing her craft at renowned 2-hatted establishments like Yellow, Monopole, Cirrus, and Bentley Restaurant & Bar.

In 2019 She was voted as the Rising Star Chef at Sydney’s Fine Food Awards. Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh’s “root-to-tip” approach to maximising ingredients means everything from raw pumpkin seeds to spent strawberries is given a second life. “Fermented tomato skins are
great for a dressing; they smell like Prosecco after about a week,” she says. She believes that meals are made to be shared and by supporting a sustainable approach to dining, we’re
paying tribute to the work of all the amazing local growers and producers – and the planet,

In recent times she splits her time between her work on SBS food and working with some of the most prominent bar & restaurant groups in Sydney by sharing her knowledge and techniques she has gathered along with ways to improve their food and bar programs. This year she will be co-head cheffing the highly anticipated venue The Emerald Room, a Cabaret room and Late-night restaurant with Chef Elijah Attard nestled in the crown of Victoria Street in Darlinghurst.

Elijah began his career at a local cafe in Sydney's South Coast before jumping over to the one hatted fine diner Caveau where he learnt his skills of foraging for wild ingredients. 

Around 2016, Elijah went fully vegan, which completely changed the course of his career. By 2018, this led him to the much loved vegan restaurant Yellow, in Potts Point. Cooking at the 2 hatted restaurant got Elijah working closer with farmers, appreciating a deeper understanding of flavours, presentation and high standards in order to create an unforgettable experience for the guests. By 2022 Elijah finished up at Yellow as the sous chef. 

After leaving Yellow, Elijah traveled between Sydney and Melbourne to host many sold out vegan food pop ups at bars and restaurants for 6 months eventually finding a residency for his passion project called Roots Dining. 

Roots Dining is the 6 seater 8 course vegan degustation experience highlighting wild foraged plants and native ingredients, all while connecting local ceramicists and artists to create the best of what vegan fine dining has to offer. He even worked with local bars (Par, in Melbourne) to create a matching Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic cocktail pairing designed specifically for these events. 

In 2024 Elijah will be joining on with Nina Huynh as a co-head chefs for the exciting new 190 seater cabaret and restaurant the Emerald Room, in Darlinghurst Sydney. Opening early this year. 

Elijah writes for Australian Bartender Magazine and has hosted a hospitality podcast for two years, called Roots Hospitality. He regularly consults with bars and restaurants to elevate their plant based offerings. He is still vegan to this day.

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