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Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Chief Executive, WhipSmart
Tim Brown is CEO of WhipSmart, an electric vehicle (EV) specific leasing business. Known for its mantra, the ‘Smarter Way to Own an EV’, WhipSmart is dedicated to increasing the uptake of low carbon vehicles and related infrastructure in Australia. If you’re considering buying/leasing an EV, Tim is the one to speak to regarding finance and for independent advice on all electric vehicles. Tim has worked as a journalist, consultant and marketing professional in the automotive and manufacturing sectors for more than 15 years. He started his career working for NISMO and Motul Oil and has since had the pleasure of visiting some of the world’s best automotive manufacturing plants including McLaren, Porsche, Rolls-Royce Motors, Bentley, and many more. He’s passionate and knowledgable about EVs, FCEVs and PHEVs and has, in conjunction with Hyundai, provided advice on low carbon vehicles to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Transport. He’s also taken a McLaren for a spin around the Top Gear Track (without incident).


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