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Phil Wild

Phil Wild

Centre for Applied Energy Economics and Policy Research, Griffith Business School
Phil Wild has a PhD from the University of Queensland specializing in the field of macroeconomic modelling. Phil’s main area of research since 2009 has been in Energy Economics with a particular focus on wholesale electricity market modelling of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM), integration of variable renewables (e.g. wind, solar PV, hybrid gas-solar thermal), energy policy issues linked to that research agenda and econometric modelling of National Energy Market (NEM) spot price and load time series data. The research has involved the development of a wholesale market model of the NEM called the ANEM model. Using results from ANEM Phil has published research papers in top academic journals in the field of Energy Economics including the journals ‘Energy Economics’, ‘The Energy Journal’ and ‘Energy Policy’. Phil presents peer reviewed conference papers and presentations at Industry and academic conferences related to research on: (1) solar PV yield modelling; (2) financial viability assessments of renewable energy systems; (3) public policy support mechanisms including Contract-For-Difference (CFD); and (4) storage technologies including Liquid Air Energy Storage. In 2021, Phil joined the Centre for Applied Energy Economics and Policy Research as Senior Research Fellow.


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