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Lee Herron

Lee Herron

Installation and Training Manager , Myenergi

With over two decades in the industry, Lee Herron, an adept Electrotechnical Professional based in Australia since 2018, currently serves as the Installation and Training Manager at myenergi APAC. Myenergi is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products that increase the self-consumption of green energy.

Prior to Lee's current role, he played a pivotal role at Tesla. In this capacity, Lee contributed significantly to the operation and maintenance of Tesla's Powerwall, Supercharger and Megapack products, ensuring they operated at optimal levels. This experience provided valuable insights into maintaining and servicing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and stationary battery energy storage systems.

Lee's expertise spans over 10 years in renewables, solar, battery storage, and EV charging. During this time, he has successfully delivered award-winning solar, battery, and EV charging projects in the UK. Leading a dedicated team at myenergi, Lee ensures the seamless installation of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, setting industry standards. In his role as Training Manager, he develops comprehensive programs, fostering workforce growth and expertise.



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