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Emma Sutcliffe

Emma Sutcliffe

Director, EV Firesafe

Enhancing emergency responder safety at electric vehicle traction battery fires. An operational firefighter, early EV charging and electrification specialist, Emma Sutcliffe’s unique combination of interests led her to establish EV FireSafe, the only global database of verified electric vehicle battery fires. Funded by the Australian Department of Defence and now referenced by a global network of experts, EV manufacturers and emergency agencies, Emma and her team provide data-driven learnings that enhance the safety of civilian and military emergency responders managing incidents involving electric vehicles, with a focus on those occurring at EV charging hubs. EV FireSafe’s work has opened an important conversation - what do emergency responders need to learn to successfully adapt to a world of electrified transport and how quickly can we get them there? In this session, Emma will share data-driven findings on what is known, what needs to be tested and the emerging suppression and management techniques that may keep emergency responders safer in a world of EVs. Data insights are freely available at and data-driven training is now line at



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