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Ed Lynch-Bell

Ed Lynch-Bell

Head of Emerging Techologies, Evie
Ed Lynch-Bell is an energy industry veteran, his energy career began in the USA; graduating from Carnegie Mellon University and joining the the founding team at battery manufacturing startup, Aquion Energy, . Moving to Australia he joined AGL where to lead energy storage technology programs and delivering some of Australia’s first mass scale Virtual Power Plants, putting batteries into Australian homes to provide solar optimisation and grid services. Ed joined Evie Networks in 2018 where he has built the product development function, delivering products such as the Evie app, launching the enterprise services business and running product development pilots such as the eMentum MaaS rental programme.

Ed is now Evie’s Head of Emerging Technology where he looks to the future to uncover the technologies and products that will accelerate the adoption of zero carbon mobility in Australia and deliver on Evie’s mission - ‘If it moves it’s powered by Evie’.


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