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Carola Jonas

Carola Jonas

CEO and Founder, Everty

Carola is the CEO and co-founder of Everty, an electric vehicle charging network and charging station management software solution. Everty works with EV owners, businesses, utilities and other organisations to increase the uptake of EVs and making EV ownership and use easier.

Carola is also a member of the Electric Vehicle Council Australia and held a board position on the rotating board and worked with industry partners to increase EV uptake in Australia

Carola has previously worked as a sustainability and marketing consultant with brands like Enphase Energy to bring storage solutions, micro inverters and smart software to market and assisted EnergyLab, the first clean energy accelerator in Australia, to build and grow a vibrant start-up community of clean-tech companies and female entrepreneurs.

Carola has a background in working for NGOs, multinational corporations and Government. She has worked for household names such as Climate Friendly, NABERS (Office of Environment and Heritage), Transparency International and DB Schenker. Carola has been able to combine her marketing and sustainability skills to positively affect communities and organisations in Australia and overseas.



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