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Bryce Gaton

Bryce Gaton

EV Choice Consulting, and AEVA (Australian Electric Vehicle Association)

Bryce Gaton has been working in, as well as writing and presenting on the EV sector since 2008. His time is currently split between writing for Australia’s premier EV news website –TheDriven and running the EV transition support consultancy EV Choice. As EV Choice, he provides policy advice to governments, prepares EV Transition planning reports and runs EV build safety training to a number of Australian university FSAE EV race teams.

Bryce was also a member of the Project Steering Committee for a recently developed accredited course for electricians on EV charging, and is currently a member of a Standards Australia sub-committee developing a Publically Available Standard (PAS) for understanding domestic and commercial EV charging needs and solutions.

In his spare time Bryce writes on EV topics for Renew magazine as well as being the writer behind the EV car model Fact Sheets and webpage found on the AEVA (Australian Electric Vehicle Association) national website.



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