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Steven Du

Steven Du

Tesla Owners Club Australia

Dr. Steven Du, is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and community engagement, with a rich and diverse background shaped by his experiences as a refugee from the Vietnam War. Grateful for the opportunities afforded to him in Australia, Steven actively gives back to society through his involvement in volunteer organizations.

With nearly three decades of experience as a dentist, Steven stands out as a climate activist within the 'extractive' industry, balancing his professional responsibilities with a commitment to combatting carbon emissions. His unique perspective, informed by his military service and work in various healthcare settings, allows him to deeply understand and address community needs.

Additionally, Steven holds leadership positions in the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and the Tesla Owners Club of Australia, advocating for the ACCELERATED adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable lifestyles.

Driven by the principle of making a positive impact while minimizing harm, Steven strives to create a cleaner, greener future for all.



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