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Dick Clarke

Dick Clarke

Founding Director, Envirotecture
Dick Clarke was a founding Director of Envirotecture, is an Accredited Building Designer, with nearly 50 years’ experience in ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate buildings, vehicles and vessels, and has received many Design Awards. In 2023 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards. He is Director of Sustainability, and Past President of the NSW Chapter, of the Building Designers Association of Australia. He is a Past President of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA). He is currently President of the Board of Renew (previously the Alternative Technology Association). Dick has sat on the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), the peak body representing industries committed to a sustainable built environment. He has been design director of many hundreds of projects for over 45 years, with sustainability as the major driver over that whole period (with the ever-changing understanding of what sustainability is), and his work has covered a wide variety of project sizes and types. Dick is a founding author and editor of the acclaimed Your Home series, recently released in its sixth 20 year anniversary edition. He has edited the sought after book for designers, builders and home-owners, How to Rethink Building Materials.


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